Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Little Green Gadget

While I'm nowhere near as gadget-obsessed as many hard-core geeks, I do have many. Yes, I have an iPod (a classic) a Wii, and an Apple iBook G4 (again, a "classic" in computer years) among others.

But my favorite is a gift I received from my friend. It's the Solio portable solar charger. Now, I've never done a comprehensive analysis of the actual energy savings I'm realizing by using it instead of my wall outlet to charge my cell phone. But I think it's pretty cool nonetheless.

It's probably intended more as a gizmo for hard-core outdoor enthusiasts that want to charge their gadgets in the middle of nowhere than a suburban novelty in a kitchen window. As such, the sun's intensity is muted somewhat by the window, which means a full charge is usually one full week of sitting in the window. But coincidentally, it's not hard to get a week's worth of use out of my cell phone on a Solio charge, so it works out.

Although I haven't figured out the financing and setup yet, this gadget has me sufficiently intrigued that I'm considering a full PV system for my home.

So here's a gadget that let's you go green without having to wait for a government tax credit. Solio offers models in the price range of $100-$150.

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